Christopher Cane

Christopher Cane

Fire Rescue Officer in Key Largo, Florida

About Christopher Cane

Inspired at the age of sixteen to become a Fire Explorer, Christopher Cane is a motivating force for those hoping to join the industry. Born and raised in Key West, Florida, Christopher had the opportunity to attend the Explorer Program sponsored by his local fire service agency. The introduction to the program fueled his interest for his long-term career goal. After more than fifteen years of industry experience, his passion for his work has never dwindled.

Christopher is a visionary for the fire service industry. As a forward-thinking individual, he takes pride in searching for innovative solutions, from organizing training evolutions to determining the value of a specific software or a piece of medical equipment. He provides optimal training solutions for firefighters and paramedics on the new equipment. He is consistently in the process of learning and is open to sharing his knowledge industry wide.

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